Guided tours and close contact
Would you and your friends like to find out more about the animals and the park? If so, you can now book a guided tour with one of our zoo keepers or zoologists.

You can even come with a zoo keeper to meet some of our animals. This makes a great gift! Don’t miss the opportunity to feed our rhesus monkeys raisins or play with our mischievous ring-tailed lemurs.

Guided tour (max. 20 people)
Time: 45 minutes
Price: SEK 700

Contact with lemurs or lemurs (2-6 people)
Time: 20 minutes
Price: SEK 300 per person (min. 2 people)

Coach trip lunches
If you’re travelling through Skåne and want to enjoy a delicious lunch in a wonderful setting, without any of the queues and hassle, then call us and book a coach trip lunch. It’ll be ready and waiting for you! While you’re here, why not take a walk around our zoo before continuing your journey.